The conference venue is at the Politehnica University, Central Library Building, 3rd floor:

Panel: Challenge of Processing across the Computing Continuum

Chair: Bogdan Nicolae (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)


  • Florina M. Ciorba (University of Basel, Switzerland)
  • Mariana Marasoiu (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Hartwig Antz (University of Tennessee, USA)
  • Gabriel Antoniu (Inria Rennes, France)

Sessions Detail

Session 1: Distributed Machine Learning

Chair: Alexandru Costan

11:00-11:30 Ioana Brănescu, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, Ciprian Dobre and Constandinos Mavromoustakis. Decentralized Machine Learning for Face Recognition
11:30-12:00 Mohamad Moussa, Nabil Abdennadher, Raphaël Couturier and Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo. A generic-based Federated Learning model for smart grid and renewable energy
12:00-12:30 Andrea Portaluri, Sarah Azimi and Luca Sterpone. Design Techniques for Multi-Core Neural Network Accelerators on Radiation-Hardened FPGAs

Session 2: Scheduling across the Computing Continuum

Chair: Luca Sterpone

14:00-14:30 Spyros Mantelos and Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos. Tagging for Flexible Loop Scheduling in OpenMP
14:30-14:50 Florina Ciorba, Ali Mohammed, Jonas Henrique Müller Korndörfer and Ahmed Eleliemy. Automated Scheduling Algorithm Selection in OpenMP
14:50-15:10 Mihai Antonescu, Mihaela Malita and Gheorghe Stefan. Avoiding Latencies of Log-Depth Parallel Computational Patterns

Session 3: System Architectures for Big Data Analytics

Chair: Ciprian Dobre

10:30-11:00 Ciprian-Octavian Truică, Neculai-Ovidiu Istrate and Elena-Simona Apostol. A Distributed Automatic Domain-Specific Multi-Word Term Recognition Architecture using Spark Ecosystem
11:00-11:30 Adrian Marius Deaconu, Delia Elena Spridon and Laura Ciupala. Finding minimum loss path in big networks
11:30-12:00 Pavle Ivanovic, Ali Ganbarov and Philipp Neumann. System Architecture for Real-time Condition Monitoring and Anomaly Detection on Ships
12:00-12:30 Ahmed Eleliemy and Florina M. Ciorba. DaphneSched: A Scheduler for Integrated Data Analysis Pipelines

Session 4: Performance Modeling and Optimization of HPC Systems

Chair: Horacio Gonzales-Velez

15:00-15:30 Thomas Jakobsche, Nicolas Lachiche and Florina M. Ciorba. Investigating HPC Job Resource Requests and Job Efficiency Reporting
15:30-16:00 Felix Garcia-Carballeira, Diego Camarmas-Alonso, Alejandro Calderon-Mateos and Jesus Carretero. A new Ad-Hoc parallel file system for HPC environments based on the Expand parallel file system
16:00-16:30 Md Bulbul Sharif, Thomas Hines, Sheikh Ghafoor, Mario Morales-Hernández, Tigstu Dullo and Alfred Kalyanapu. A Performance Prediction Model for Structured Grid Based Applications in HPC Environments
16:30-17:00 Mikaila Gossman, Bogdan Nicolae and Jon Calhoun. Modeling Multi-Threaded Aggregated I/O for Asynchronous Checkpointing on HPC Systems

Session 5: Edge Computing and Blockchain

Chair: Radu-Ioan Ciobanu

10:30-11:00 Silvia-Elena Nistor, George-Mircea Grosu, Mihaela-Andreea Vasile, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, Ciprian Dobre and Florin Pop. Local and Global Scheduling in Mobile Drop Computing
11:00-11:30 Teodora Vasilas, Thomas Jakobsche and Florina M. Ciorba. Hot-n-Cold: Mapping the Syscall Attack Surface Using Thermal Side Channels
11:30-11:50 Andreas Andreou, Constandinos Mavromoustakis, Jordi Mongay Batalla, Ciprian Dobre, Evangelos Markakis and George Mastorakis. Enabling IoT Continuous Connectivity in Smart Spaces
11:50-12:10 Andrei-Vlad Constantin. Merging Automation With Blockchain Technology